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An isolated place in the Azores to reconnect with the essential... A place where you can experience the local culture and traditions. A simple & healthy environment for whom are seeking to avoid the masses and crowded areas.

Guesthouses for travellers, families, and all nature lovers.

A century of history shaped by hard-working people, who has been able to adapt to difficult geographical and geological conditions.

Reconnect with nature, enjoy the peace and quiet. Amazing walking trails and adventure activities all around.

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The village of Sanguinho, in the Azores,  was inhabited for more than a century by a relatively wealthy population, as a refuge for the floods of Faial da Terra and taking advantage of the fertile soils. The village of Sanguinho came to have about 20 inhabited houses, with the respective corrals of pigs, four arribanas (agricultural annexes) and a haystack. The emigration of the 1950s and 1960s to the U.S. and Canada, the difficulty of children in getting to school were among the causes of their depopulation and abandonment. The BBC, in a 2001 documentary, nicknamed the village of Sanguinho “The Lost Village”, highlighting the beauty of the place and the abandoned ruins.
The Sanguinho was part of a recovery project and today presents an absolutely unique nature tourism offer on São Miguel Island.                                   LEARN MORE

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A very special space where you can find the Azores of the last century.”


“Gorgeous little village. It was rebuilt not long ago and it is worth visiting.”


“An abandoned village that was recovered by people who love peace, silence and meditation.”


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