History of the Village

   Sanguinho Village of the Past (Azores Airlines, Ana Correia)

Heading to Sanguinho in S. Miguel Island, in addition to being a magnificent walk through luxuriant and exotic vegetation, results in a visit to a typical Azorean village, partially restored and today deserted.

Sanguinho was the place to which the inhabitants of Faial da Terra would flee whenever the river looked like flooding. In time past, the lack of living conditions and emigration to the U.S. / Canada spelled end of the Village. Sanguinho derives from the Portuguese name for the cornel cherry species, endemic across the Azores even through here there are other native species such as heather, ivies, hollies, mahogany trees, boxwoods, wild grapes and azorinas.

In Sanguinho, there is the feeling of having arrived on the scene of an old abandoned film. The majority of houses have restored and display well cared for exteriors. Dotted here and there are some ruins still requiring work (which are not part of the property offered on this website). There is not a single soul to be spotted despite the gardens appearing well-tended and having various crops growing. Today, the site is on the route of all those seeking contact with nature in all of its tranquil splendour. The location is apparently the perfect refuge.